Q: Do I have to be a member of Network Over 40 to come?
A: No, Network Over 40 offers no memberships, no strings attached. Just come when you can!
Q: Who attends these events?
A: Each event has 100-150 motivated professionals looking to meet like-minded people. We believe you have to know, like and trust people to do business, so we lead with social connections which results in business.
Q: Is there some kind of fee I have to pay every year?

A: No, the only cost is for each event: Early Bird tickets are $10. General Admission tickets are $20 and go on sale once early birds sell out. Late Admission tickets are $25 and start at 6pm the day of the event and run till the end of the event.

*Tickets are only available online. You cannot purchase tickets at the door.
Q: Where does Network Over 40 meet?
A: We meet at different venues in every city. To learn about the next event, please visit our upcoming events page.
Q: Do I have to register before I come?
A: Yes, tickets are only available online – So you must purchase online before attending.
Q: Can I bring other people with me?

A: Absolutely, the more the merrier!

Q: Who runs Network Over 40?
A: Please see about us for some history on the genesis of Network Over 40.
Q: What should I wear?
A: Business casual is recommended.