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GREAT event at the JUNE THIRD THURSDAY event at The Buckhead Club where valuable social and/or professional connections were made! Thank you ALL for helping make the evening memorable!

As someone so eloquently put it, “Last nights Over 40 networking event was a great opportunity for meeting interesting people and developing relationships. What I liked most about this event was that people were there to develop new relationships and learn about other businesses. The focus was on connecting and learning, and not on just making a new contact and looking for a selling opportunity. I appreciated everyone’s long term focus on trying to develop meaningful business relationships versus a short term focus on trying to grow revenue.”

Thanks to our sponsors!

Atlanta Capital Group – David G. Curry, CFPÆ – 404.991.7043 –
– The Buckhead Club – Kellyann Dunning, Membership Director – 404.760.2685 –
– Business RadioX – Buckhead – Rich Casanova, Radio Host/Producer – 770.912.2445 –
– The Entrepreneur’s Source – Mark Myette – 404.931.3264 –

Interested in being a sponsor? Contact Mark Myette – 404.931.3264.

Sponsor Offers!

– The Buckhead Club – Please be sure to take advantage of The Buckhead Club’s membership offer coming your way via a separate email.
– Business RadioX – Buckhead – For those whom were interviewed at the event last night, be sure to find your interview on their website!
– The Entrepreneur’s Source – contact Mark Myette – 404.931.3264 to discuss if a no-fee alternative career assessment would be in your best interest!

Featured Non-Profit – Thanks to all those who brought their foreign currency to International Giving, Inc. For those who forgot to bring theirs, please contact – Sandra Verbon – 678.409.2967 – –

See you in July!