Mark, I just wanted to thank you for providing such a great networking opportunity for us the other evening. It was a great venue and a truly interesting mix of professionals — I enjoyed a number of interesting conversations and came away with a couple of nice leads. I was also able to connect a couple of people with resources that might be helpful for their businesses — always makes me happy when I can be of service in that respect.

I enjoyed meeting you and just wanted to touch base. Thanks again for a quality event — I look forward to attending next month.

Pat Hand

Owner, Dancing Moon Travel

Network Over 40 at the W Hotel Downtown was fantastic – what a amazing venue! Who knew that the something like this existed in Downtown Atlanta?? Network Over 40 always draws a great crowd and this month was no exception. We had independent entrepreneurs and small business owners mingling with executives from some of the top companies headquartered in Atlanta.

Great location, good drinks, and wonderful people to meet – who could ask for more from a networking event!

Ashish Gupta

Last nights Over 40 networking event was a great opportunity for meeting interesting people and developing relationships. What I liked most about this event was that people were there to develop new relationships and learn about other businesses. The focus was on connecting and learning, and not on just making a new contact and looking for a selling opportunity. I appreciated everyone’s long term focus on trying to develop meaningful business relationships versus a short term focus on trying to grow revenue.
Mike Wien

Enjoyed mingling with very established professionals. I walked away with three new leads for my business and some great advice I can use right away.
Tracy Oosterman

One More Sponsor

I want to let you know that I found the gathering last night to be one of the best I attended since moving to Tucker. It was a great group of people who were willing to speak and listen during conversation. Congratulations are due for running such a group.
Michael D. McGuire

Real Photography

I have enjoyed the Over 40 Network events. It’s great to meet professionals who are eager to network and support each other. Great choice of locations – like the variety of that too.
Paige Nathan

Food Movement

March NO40 was another great well attended event with plenty opportunity for getting to know people who are over 40 and wired for great work! Seasoned, diverse and interesting people in engaging conversations. Recommended.
Angelica Wbite

Was at the Buckhead Club last night at Network Over 40: Atlanta. It was great, the crowd was very diverse. With regards to the people I spoke to many of them were self-employed from the professional class such as writers, lawyers, therapists, educators and accountants. It was great. See you at the next one!
Camille Alexander

WOW! What an incredible event with such a powerful group of attendees. This event is certainly worth putting on your regular networking calendar. I’ll make sure I return again and again. The group was diverse, full of energy, and ready to network with the best! Great use of my time and I look forward to the next one. Thanks for putting on this great event.
Kristy Gillmann


Great people, great location and just great event. See you at the next one.
Brad Parcells

Thanks for organizing the Network Over 40’s monthly events. It is always at a great venue and I meet interesting professionals. I keep the last Wednesday of the month on my calendar and look forward to seeing you in March.
Greg M.

As many of you know I do a lot of networking, so last night I attended my first Network Over 40 event and was pretty impressed by turnout and the quality of the event. If you call yourself a serious net-worker you need to attend one of these events and see for yourself. Kudos to all the folks running this event
Mike G.

I will tell you that I always seem to make better contacts at these meetings than just about anywhere else. I don’t know if it’s that everyone seems to be truly over 40 (since I am way over 40) or just the way things set up, but these are well worth the price of admission!
Michael McGuire

Real Photography

The Over 40 Network is fun! There’s always a great mix of people and it’s easy to connect with them over drinks and appetizers. The meeting locations are nice. I always see some folks I need to catch up with and have some good conversations with new people, too.
Myra McElhaney

I make time for Network Over 40: Atlanta’s event because I always meet interesting and idea-generating people there.
Bonnie Daneker

Write Advisors

I love the energy and class resulting from a room full of vibrant and seasoned professionals from a variety of industries gathering in well-selected venues. It can only grow. I look forward to attending more over the summer and bringing other entrepreneurs who can add to positive spirit of sharing that this group encourages.
Vera Kiser

Perfect Fit Home Rentals

Network Over 40: Atlanta is great! I really enjoyed the event at Ribalta on 2/19. The food was delicious and the people I had the chance to meet were interesting, talented, and so informative. I’m already looking forward to the next event.
Carey Garback

The Over40 Networking event held recently at The Buckhead Club was a great opportunity for me to mix and mingle with business entrepreneurs from financial planners to personal services. From the moment I entered the room, everyone was friendly and eager to introduce each other. The room was set up nicely for the group with a mix of tables and high tops. The food spread was exceptional and never a long wait at the bar. I would highly recommend this group to others.
Nance Donaldson

It's About Wine

Network Over 40 at the Buckhead Club yesterday evening was great! Probably 100+ people there from a variety of backgrounds. Venue was fantastic, with nice hors d’oeuvres and a free drink. Definitely worth going, and I look forward to attending the next event!
Ashish Gupta

Cartridge World

Very interesting group at this event. Great networking with a view. Nice to see existing friends and make new introductions.
Gary Patterson

Fiscal Doctor

I had a great time meeting everyone last night at the Three Sheets event!
Preston S.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Network OVER 40 Networking  Events. It offers an opportunity for members to meet, mingle and share, in an elegant and  professional setting. The event encourages business people to connect and share ideas outside of their own environment. I have witnessed many people in various industries exchange ideas, cards and set appointments to work together and grow their business. I have seen friendships develop in this atmosphere. What I enjoyed the most is that feeling of camaraderie. Everyone is rooting for another’s success and look for ways to help them grow personally and professionally! Great group! I will continue to attend! Thank you, this type of event is exactly what Atlanta needs!
Charlie Buckshaw

I’ve been to just two events to date and have added several important people to my LinkedIn contact list. This is the place to meet folks who are making a difference in the Atlanta area… the food is good too! I encourage you to join us for our next event. See you there.
Doug Samuels

If you are serious about expanding your professional connections, then Network Over 40 is where you need to be.

Jacqueline Harris